Publishing in the Digital Era


We surveyed industry professionals for their views on the direction digital publishing is going. We covered everything from evolving supplier relationships, the future formats of books, Open Access, offshoring processes, AI and lots more. Download the report below to get the full story.

Discover how academic publishers are evolving

We surveyed academic publishers from around the world for their views on the future of publishing, and what are they doing to stay competitive and cost-effective as their market moves rapidly around them. We also highlight some of the biggest challenges and opportunities awaiting academic publishers in tomorrow’s digitally-driven industry.

Listen to the experts

We recently sat down with a number of industry experts to discuss the future of publishing, covering everything from Open Access to AI and evolving publisher/supplier relationships.

Ramp up revenues on your next publication

Our study of publishers has outlined how the industry is evolving. Now is the time to capitalise on the opportunities that the digital era presents. Get in touch and we’ll outline how you can ramp up revenues on your next big publication.