A Digital Future for Academic Publishing

What strategic changes do publishers need to make to stay competitive in the coming years? Download this eBook to explore why academic publishers need to adopt to a new mindset, and how they can become a hyperconnected enterprise.  

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What's in the eBook?

When it comes to digital transformation strategies, academic publishers have been slow to invest in technology but now they have to stay relevant in the digital-fuelled industry. The pandemic has become the catalyst for that change. 

A timeline of change in academic publishing
A catalyst for transformation 
The shift to a new mindset 
What needs to change in the industry 
The first steps to becoming a hyperconnected enterprise 

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Hendrik Wittkopf
Publishing Consultant

This is a thought provoking analysis of the challenges faced by academic publishing. Taking on board the disruption by COVID-19, the solutions presented are highly valuable for decision makers to deal with current and future market challenges.